There is a heated debate between the nerdlings of the world over which console is better. To help you decide which you want, we here at WWoG are posting a three part series called Console Wars. Someone I know (with intelligence) will write out the pros of their preferred console. First up is Theliah with the PS3:

The PS3 is better


Why does everyone debate about the Xbox360 and the PS3 being better than eachother?  Why?  Obviously the PS3 supporters will win the argument!  First off, the PS3 has much better graphics and the 80GB one even supports BLU RAY DVD!  Blu ray!  I don't see any 360 with that, do you?  Buying a regular Blu ray dvd player can costs you over $200!  Secondly, the PS3 doesn't have any similar to the infamous RRoD (Reg Ring of Death) that Xbox360s have a high rate of having.  Would you want to buy a 360 and one week later get the RRoD and have to wait up to 6 WEEKS to get your system back?  I sure wouldn't!  The RRoD is WAY to common to even take a chance.  Did you know that more than 10% of 360's will get an RRoD in their lifetime?  The PS3 also has the PSN (PlayStation Network) which even includes a whole store to get up to date videos, trailer, DLC, demos, and even FULL PSP and PSone games!  The PSN is also much more reliable than the Xbox in online play.  I haven't once seen it go offline since I got a PS3 a year ago.  Updates are made every couple weeks, giving us new features all the time like in-game screenshots.  In addition, the PS3 standard models have much more Hard Drive space than the 360.  The standard Xbox360 has only 20GBs while the PS3 standard has 40 or even 80 GBs!  You can even buy replacement Hard Drives to DOUBLE that!