World at Warcraft. The crack of the gaming world. But what makes it so addicting? For answers, we (meaning me) at the Wonderful World of Gaming went to the site co-creator, Theliah.

WWoG: Have you played the previous Warcraft games? What were your experiences?

Theliah: It was a fun game to play.  The campaign took a while.  I met some friends while playing online, and some enemies. :D  I was really bad at the game, but all the online custom maps were great.  Wacraft is an all around fun game to play.

WWoG: How is WoW different from the older games?

Theliah: WoW is an MMORPG, where as the Warcraft games were RTS games.  WoW is an entirely different experience.  It is much more of a hardcore game.  WoW is so huge, even after 2 and a half years of playing, I haven't even seen half of the game. O_O  WoW is really fun to play, and if you're willing to pay the $15 a month, then BUY IT!  BUY IT NAO!

WWoG: Do you prefer the MMORPG or RTS? Are either of these your favorite genre?

Theliah: I prefer playing MMORPG games.  They are more fun, and the fun lasts a LOT longer than an RTS game.  MMORPGs are definitely my favorite Genre, but can get boring after over 1 year of playing.  RTS is my fallback plan.

WWoG: Is there even a story for WoW?

Theliah: Yes.  WoW has an original story, following after Warcraft 3's expansion pack.  Each WoW expansion continues the story forward. With the release of the expansion, the Burning Crusade, the Burning Legion, a great power was gaining strength.  The forces of the Horde and Alliance had to fight this evil.  They assaulted the Outland in an attempt to drive back and destroy Illidan Stormrage's army.  The war goes on.  

WWoG: Customization. What can't you customize in this game?

Theliah: Nothing really.  You're equipment, hair, everything!  There's even clothes for every occasion!  Tuxedos, dresses, etc.  WoW is too much like real life in many ways. O_O  

WWoG: So essentially it eats your life and spits up a twitchy little nerdling?

Theliah: Yes, exactly.

WWoG: Other than playing dressup, what is the gameplay like? How big is the focus on combat?

Theliah:  Incredibly focused.  Half of the game is just PvP.  There is a crazy amount fighting in it.  The game IS called World of WARCRAFT. The gameplay is cool.  Killing enemies gets you rewards, and questing will level you.  The gameplay has so many things to do, you can't explain it all in one paragraph.  Or ten.

WWoG: Can you pick some outstanding gameplay features?

Theliah: Yes, the 40 and 25 man raids are incredibly fun and awesome to participate in.  The PvP with tons of NPCs and players is so cool to watch!  Doing things with like 40 people, is like awesome!  

WWoG: So it's like an online orgasm of nerdlings?

Theliah: Precisely.

WWoG: Is there any truth to the rumor that MMORPG stands for Many Men Online Role Playing as Girls?

Theliah: Yes, it's partially true.  If you played WoW, you would notice a very high rate of girl players, while not many actually play WoW.  Obviously, freakish people play as girls just for fun, or just for other reasons.....

WWoG: Okay, our readers have been thoroughly disturbed by you sick bastards... so, how are the graphics? Do you encounter technical difficulty often?

Theliah: Not really.  The graphics aren't that good, and are very "Cartoonish".  They definitely don't compare to next gen games at all.  Frame rates drop to below zero in highly popluated places, though.  

WWoG: Did this game meet your expectations?

Theliah: Yes, I didn't really know what to expect when I started playing.  WoW is a whole new experience.  It's a whole new genre of MMORPG.....

WWoG: What would you give this out of 10?

Theliah: 9/10 For sure.

WWoG: Excited about Wrath of the Lich King?

Theliah: Before it released, the game turned to chaos.  The lag was incredible, and so many crashes. Anyway I want to get a Death Knight so much.  They would be so fun to play as.  Also, I want to do the new raids!

WWoG: Thank you for your time

Theliah: YOUR WELCOME TEHEMOGUY!!! (My name on Xfire)

So there you have it. The game zombifying a generation revealed. Worthy of a 9/10 in Theliah's eyes, so if you're willing to drop your life down the shitter (in the good way) pick up a copy.