"There are few things in this world that are sacred to me. My friends. My car. And my women. But if you hurt any of those things. Pray God finds ya. Before I do."
                                                                  - Sean Devlin
                                                                  - Excerpt from Saboteur Trailer

Welcome one and all tooooo 
Where us no-lifers keep you up to date on Saboteur, Pandy's new epic WWII stealth game!

PS Saber Out is an anagram for Saboteur. Aren't we clever? ... Well, what do you know! 


-Site is under construction. Core info on the game, provided by Lt. Josef, will be up shortly.

-Core Info is up, screenies can be found on the forums right now as they don't like me on here :/

-Forums look awesome and I fixed some problems
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